Every time I play softball, I always hum the “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play” song. And I just googled it and, in case you cared, the song is song by John Foggarty (really? unfortunately, I don’t care enough to verify past the first Google hit).

Fortunately, I play softball rarely enough that I am saved from major nerd alert status. I played this Spring (terribly) and then the time before that was 7th grade. When I was probably getting major nerd alert status for other reasons.

This Friday, I’m going to a Padres game. Hooray! I love baseball games! Especially when I’m sitting in $14 seats for $12 AND I get a free hot dog and soda. Nosebleed seats hooray! Hot dogs, HOORAY!!! I don’t normally eat hot dogs. Ever. Except at baseball games when I magically will away gross thoughts along the lines of, “What IS in a hot dog anyway. Especially a really cheap one?”

I haven’t been to an American baseball game since the Colorado Rockies game about 2 years ago. The most memorable thing about that game was seeing the mile high demarcation line painted on the appropriate row of nosebleed seats. Seeing this was actually a disheartening experience b/c I thought Denver was the mile-high city, not just the tippy top portion of its stadium. Boo!

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