Vacation Bliss!

The rest of my vacation was awesome. Mechen had Tuesday-Sunday off and we had the best time. I hadn’t realized that I felt slightly time-pressured the last two visits because even though he still made as much time as he could, he wasn’t on vacation and time always felt too short. This time, we had days on end. While there’s still never enough time to be with him, it was much better!

So, we went up to the Maryland Eastern Shore where I met his Dad and Stepmom who were totally delightful and fun. We went to Chincoteague, MD where we had so much fun playing in the surf. We followed that by going to Ocean City, MD where we ate like pigs: Boug’s BBQ sandwich, Thrasher’s fries, Kohr’s ice cream, lemonade, and caramel popcorn. Crazy amounts of food but I was so hungry from playing in the ocean and I think a good portion of the food turned into insta-fuel.

Then we went back to Norfolk for the night. We had dinner at the Green Onion, which may be one of the best meals I’ve had. We split a nice salad, then I had a maple-balsamic glazed pork chop with pecans while he had a Texas steak with blue cheese. French fries also came with it. The dinner was incredible. It was such a nice, mellow dining experience and I now have a new favorite restaurant!

The we went to Maine for a wedding and had such a fun time. We went to Wells, Maine and had the best lobster roll of the trip. Then we went to a minor league game in Portland. The next day, we went to Two Lights State Park followed by the wedding that afternoon. Dar Williams made a surprise appearance at the cocktail hour and the band was so much fun to dance to during the reception.

The next day, we left (boo!). We went to Manchester, NH to check in for our flights after a fun morning at the B&B. Before flying out, we grabbed one last lobster roll. So that was 3 in 2.5 days, which is an excellent ratio.

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