Christmas excitement!

Truthfully, it’s a little hard to muster up. I’m not the best at creating a Christmas for one because it doesn’t rate super-high on my TTD (things to do) list.

I did wrap my Christmas presents from my parents though. I almost wrapped an issue of “Clinics” since it comes in a box too, but I thought that would be rather pathetic. I’m pretty sure that I am NOT getting the pair of shoes that I asked for since 1. they were expensive and 2. in my mother’s eyes, ugly as sin. She hinted heavily towards that effect on the phone, but I will see on Christmas morning!

I am excited about Mechen coming in 9 days! We will have the 30th together, New Year’s Eve at the W, then recover for our amazing road trip starting on the 3rd. We’re going to travel up the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s supposed to be amazingly beautiful and I’m really excited. I’m not sure if Winter is “the” season to go, but I think it might be close since the whales are migrating (I hope I see a pod!).

Our trip is pretty planned out lodging-wise but since most days don’t involve too much driving, there will be plenty of time for pulling off and seeing random state parks, beaches and trails. I’m excited about seeing Carmel again, Monteray for the first time, and making it up to San Francisco. A true SF/Napa/Sonoma trip is in the works for another time, but this trip is mostly about the ride up. Coming back, we’re just going to shoot down the 5 so we have a relaxed day on Saturday before Mechen leaves.

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