February Recap!

*Sigh* Blogging once a month is NOT meeting my New Year’s Resolution at all. I should have known but really, I am going to do better! My life just isn’t as travel and action packed anymore now that I’m a boring resident but February was pretty fun. So…

Highlight of the month? LASIK, baby! I went in on the 9th of February and had the procedure on Saturday. I love it! My eyes are still healing as evidenced by halos from artificial light sources (hi computer screen) but it’s really mild. I cannot believe that I can wake up and I am sans contacts but seeing 20/20. It still feels like I have contacts since things are a scootch dry but things will get better over the next week and even better over the next 1-3 months.

I also feel a little bit dorky since I feel that it’s amazing that my eyes were fixes with LASERS!

A few other highlights: I purchased my ticket to Copenhagen. I’m leaving in April and staying for two weeks. I’m also going to visit my sister in Zurich and take another side trip somewhere, likely Norway? I’ll research it after the inservice exam this Saturday.

I had another amazing meal at Starlite. There fixe prix menu on Tuesdays is unreal: 3 courses for $20. My friend and I had beer cheese soup (amazing, really!), shepherd’s pie and blood orange mousse for dessert. I’ve been drinking red wine more lately rather than the Starlite Mule, but that drink does have a very special place in my heart.

Not being able to remember everything is definitely firming up my resolution to blog more. March is going to be pretty awesome with the inservice being over soon, a trip to L.A. and the Getty museum, seeing a play (more later) and likely, a few good meals in San Diego. After an amazing brunch at Cafe Chloe this weekend, I am stoked to try El Camino where our waitress had a second job. But their Taco Tuesdays may compete with my Starlite love affair! Oh no!

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