April in Photos and Bulletpoints

After an amazing pre-birthday weekend, I had a workweek followed by a North Carolina weekend.  On Saturday, I had some FDA-required training that is necessary before using a Eustachian Tube Dilating balloon.  I ate at Chicken + Honey in downtown Raleigh where I ordered a chicken ‘n’ waffle- of course!

The next day, I went to New Bern, NC where I hung out with my sister-in-law and my adorable nephew.  We had another delicious lunch and had a really nice day of hanging out.  I was excited to see their place since they are moving to California soon(ish), where they will be down the road from us!  Ok, ok, like 75 minutes down the road but better than the current distance!

I also had late night drinks with friends on my birthday, which was very enjoyable.  And we stayed out until after midnight which had not been in the plans but was definitely ok!

After that, I had my focus on the Boston Marathon!  Posts coming!  In the meantime…


*My love for Popeye continues.  I have cooled it on stalking the local SCPA pages, at least for now.  I travel a little too much, unfortunately (for my dog loving aspirations.  Otherwise, it’s cool!)


* My parents send the funniest cards.


*The Cristiano Ronaldo memes were so funny after a statue dedicated to him but of questionable likeness was unveiled!


*Sigh.  Why did I spend 5 years of residency learning ENT surgery when I could have just gone to Lowe’s and powered up?


*I’m getting ready for a return of more protein, fewer refined carbs!  This is a meal prep photo of my Trader J’s smoked trout salad, courtesy of my friend Jyostna!

*I need to keep my phone on higher charge levels.

News Links!

Here are the amazing things I’ve been reading lately…

  • The “BBC Dad” now knows “the first line of my obituary.”
  • Oh my goodness!  I loved A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel by Amor Towles.  The character development was superb, especially among the secondary characters and their timely (re)arrivals into the story of one man’s life.  It was a lovely book that manages to be a literary work while remaining a bubbly refreshment!
  • SMS and I are planning a Southern road trip in July.  Maybe we’ll wilt in the heat but this article has some good tips for the Florida panhandle.
  • I’ve picked my bracket for the NCAA office pool.  There are no articles to support the tomfoolery of my picks.  Just sheer ignorance.Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.05.54 PM
  • I found the cutest dog ever!!!!  Forget Boo, Popeye the Foodie dog is my new fave!  I want a dog so badly!!!!

I’m the Boss!

I’m a boss!
So, have you seen the viral BBC interview?  A professor in Pusan, South Korea was upstaged by his kids in a hilarious interview clip.  Unfortunately for him, only the part with the children seems to be making the internet rounds rather than his erudite analysis. For the rest of us, it’s internet gold.


My favorite part is the .gif made by @valerieloftus on Twitter, with the captions, “Walk into the club like”  Like what?  Like a boss!!!


Snowy Plover Love!

This weekend was a little different since I was on call.  Actually I was on “super” call because I was carrying the phone while the residents rested up for a big test on Saturday.   As staff, I’m usually backup but not this time!  I had two excellent consults, one of whom went to surgery on Saturday and one whom will go to surgery today.  The residents were jealous because consults do not usually generate a 100% hit rate for surgery!  Don’t get me wrong- I’m not wishing for people to need surgery but if they show up and need it, I’m glad I’m there!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 4.52.58 PM

I also watched the Pixar Short Film Piper.  It just won an Oscar for Best Animation Short Film. How did I miss this when it came out!?  It is so stinking cute AND it features my favorite type bird in the whole wide world- a SNOWY PLOVER!!

Another excellent link is an incredible “to-read” list courtesy of a literary interview with Zadie Smith.

Finally, I tried to make aquafaba and it was a success!  Aquafaba is whipped/blended chickpea water, i.e. the liquid that drains from a can of chickpeas.  A chef discovered it in 2012 and it is an incredible merengue/egg white substitute.  I learned that it needs to be unadulterated if the merengue is to last though.  Adding syrup for a sweetener makes it collapse pretty quickly.  So, good things to know!  I might not use it that often since 1. I eat eggs and 2. I don’t make a lot of merengue-containing dishes but it’s so cool to repurpose a previously discarded part and make it real food!

Tumbling Pandas

So, the above gif is of my favorite panda, Tare.  SMS and I first saw him when we were taking Chinese classes last Spring.  We were in a Japanese classroom at Palo Alto High School and I was captivated by his (?) doleful eyes as we obediently and repeatedly butchered Chinese phonetics.
Anyway, isn’t he cute!?  I also love the below picture of a baby panda doing a faceplant.  Part of the hilarity is the completely ineffectual attempted intervention of the caretaker.  I also feel that the photographer knew this was going to happen and thought, “Wait for it…wait…for…it!”