Perfect Healer!

I am a “perfect healer” and “everything looks great” according to Dr. Pham. Yes, post-op day 10 from LASIK and I’m good to go! No activity restrictions which, oddly, has suddenly quelled my desire to go swimming that sprang up when I was told that I couldn’t. My eyesight is great! I have occasional dry eye that’s super minimal. It feels like a long day with contacts in and is easily remedied by a drop or two or a couple of hard blinks. The night time halos are down to pre-op levels and there’s definitely no star-bursting with night lights. I am SO happy with my decision to get the surgery. The biggest difference is just opening my eyes in the morning and seeing perfectly. I also love working out without glasses or contacts. It makes intervals so much easier. Finally, I can’t wait until Mechen gets back and I can see him clearly all the time!

I also really like the Bar Method classes. I feel like I’m getting stronger and can do the ab work more effectively. This week was kind of a breakthrough b/c I got the moves down a little more and I’m slightly stronger in the core so the workout intensity actually went up. When I first started, my body would kind of wilt into semi-compensation postures because I wasn’t strong or coordinated enough for everything to flow perfectly. Now I have the timing down a little bit better and I can get my body into the right position for almost every sequence. I still have a l-o-n-g way to go before I ever look like a bar pro (or even semi-pro). Although my legs are straight, I still can’t raise them even close to high enough but it’s exciting. This workout will be effective for a long time to come. I’m going to finish my month and then resume once I get back from Denmark. I’m currently debating whether or not I should buy a DVD for the trip but I don’t want to be made fun of by my brothers and sister. Some things never change plus I always feel so goofy when I’m halfway through, super tired and my limbs are making these pathetic, gasping movements.

I accomplished something on my “Things to Do before I’m 30 list.” Now the list is rather modest since I turn 30 in about 3 weeks but I wanted to take advantage of a discount ticket program. I went to see “Lost in Yonkers” at the Globe Theater in San Diego. It was very good and I got to see it for $20. The stage was a circle-in-the-square type with a pit that allowed for excellent stairway entrances. The acting was pretty stellar. There are a lot of family fights in the play and the whole theater, which is quite small, felt like it was full of tension.

Hmmm, “Things to Do Before I’m 30.” I will make a list. And then maybe make a list of what went down in my 20’s and what I’d like to accomplish in my 30’s. The best things about the future plans list will be looking at it 10 years from now and seeing in how many ways, life refuses to be planned and things still turn out pretty amazingly.

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