Birthday Weekend!

I had a great birthday weekend! Basic was a lot of fun. There’s a lounge area that links the bar area with the greater room. It has four seating areas with huge cushioned ottomans that are comfy and made for sitting. The pizza was not as good as I was expecting but it was decent. The drinks were great and the cupcakes that Jenny brought were awesome and way too plentiful and available!

After Basic, Jenny and I went to Starlite and talked to some people for awhile, which was nice because mingling in San Diego does not always happen so easily. Finally, we called it a night. Yay for friends who organize birthday parties!

Saturday was pretty mellow. I had a slight headache initially, but pretty much chilled out all day while packing for my trip and getting ready for brunch the next day.

Brunch. I love brunch! Sunday we had caramelized oven-baked French toast, a cheese and spinach strata (ama-zing!), blintzes, coffee cake and bellinis. Holy yum!

Afterwards, Sam hosted a linner with ham and various veggie sides that was also delicious. I feel like I ate more on Easter than I did on Thanksgiving!

Finally, I did a once-over on what I packed for Denmark/Switzerland. I am normally not that diligent but I really did not want to forget anything. As it ended up, I couldn’t find my camera but I’ve been using Mom’s since I’ve been here.

Monday started out fairly smooth. I went to Bar Method and for a 5 mile run. I showered, got ready and called a cab slightly later than I wanted (12:15 vs 12). I waited 30 minutes and called. The guy had lost my cab request. AUGH! Big jerk! I was heading to the airport for a 13:44 flight and it was now 12:53! So, I waited “5-6 minutes” (read: 10) and just as I was about to hop in my car, which would have been frightfully expensive to park, the cab rounded the corner. We got there quickly and though I sorely wanted to stiff the cabbie since I was so mad, I didn’t since it wasn’t his fault. No point in punishing the independent operator when his dispatcher is the one who sucks.

I couldn’t check in automatically, but a counter agent helped me. The security line was stressfully long but I got through alright. As it ended up, I had gotten an exit row seat (score!) and made it with 5 minutes to spare. I am SO lucky though b/c the flight was way oversold- I’m still not sure how I managed to keep my seat since I checked in so late. I was also helped by the fact the plane was running a 20 minute delay. So, phew! I can retain my record of never having missed a flight!

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