Oh, my gosh it’s here. I’m so excited. Another decade- it just seems so full of possibilities!

I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my parents at work. It was so awesome. My parents are the best!

I’m about to leave work and go home. I need to come back to work to pick up my flowers, then get ready for tonight. I’m going to Basic, a bar/lounge downtown with people from work and people I know in SD. I’ve gone once and had the best time dancing. We’re going to eat there this time. Supposedly, they have awesome pizza. Jenny also ordered cupcakes so it’ll be a real party. It’ll be like a party in Japan, where people tend to host them outside of their homes b/c they’re so small (the homes, not the people. 30s is the decade of non-dangling modifiers!).

I have all these ambitions for reflecting on my 20s and what I hope for in my 30s but maybe I’ll make it a birthday weekend project b/c 1. I want to get out of here and 2. I need to pick up a little around my house before Jenny comes over to pick me up.

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