Copenhagen Chic!

There’s a bicycle blog with photos, mainly of fashionable Copenhagen bikers. While I hesitate in any way to assign that description to myself, I *did* bike without a helmet. That made me blend in a bit. Although I totally would have worn a helmet if one was available.

Friday, 4/9, I cycled a lot around Copenhagen. I went to Christenhavn and climbed the tower of Our Savior Church which was SO scary! It’s quite high and the last 150 steps are actually outside on a metal staircase hugging the steeple! There’s a 5 foot high guardrail but still- it’s borderline vertigo inducing.

After I recovered from my hyperventilation, I had a polse that was delicious. It’s a hot dog +, much longer and thinner with crispier “skin.” It was fransk style, meaning it was popped into a thin baguette. Delish! Then I went to the hotel designed by Arne Jacobsen. Well, reputedly. There was a conspicuous lack of egg chairs that I thought were supposed to be present.

Next, I went to the Rundetarn, an astrologic observatory near the Stroget, a pedestrian walkway. The climb to the top was wide and in a spiral. People have ridden horses to the top. Mostly Russian czar/czarina types so it hasn’t been done anytime recently.

After the climbs and bike rides, I went home and gave into the pressing need for a nap. I felt amazing afterwards. Ed, Mom and I went to the Louisiana Art Museum for the evening where music played in the cafe and the exhibits were open until 10. There was an exhibit called “Color in Art,” which delved deeply into a wonderful private collection owned by the Swiss couple Werner and Gabrielle Merzbacher. The time period ranged from pre-Impressionists to mid-century modern.

There was also another exhibit called Homo sapiens sapiens by swiss artist Pipilotti Rist, which consisted of lying on very comfortable settees and watching changing images on the huge ceiling screen. I felt very avant-garde.

Then we went home, so it was a full day even with a jet-lag recovery nap.

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