June has been so much fun. And while I should be working on a paper [see title], I’ve also been quite neglectful of this little page so really, who’s the procrastinator now?!?! Um, I think it’s still me.

The first weekend in June, I went to an American-French housewarming party with delicious French small plates (actually served in glasses) called Verrines were served. They were delicious and it was so much fun to see my friend Suzi and her husband Renaud again. I hadn’t seen them since med school apart from seeing Suzi every so often here at the hospital.

Sunday 6/6, I went to Mumford and Sons which was an INCREDIBLE show. They were amazing live and I felt they had a lot of charisma that added to a live delivery of their songs. Here’s a set list that is from Bonnaroo but seems to be pretty accurate to what I heard on the 6th.

*Sigh No More*The Cave*Awake My Soul*White Blank Page*Timshel*Nothing Is Written*Feel The Tide*Little Lion Man*Lover of the Light*Thistle and Weeds*After the Storm*Wagon Wheel* Roll Away Your Stone*

The weekend after, I became a true sailor b/c I completed my basic sailing course. It was so much fun, although hyper-competitive me always gets annoyed while learning a new skill. I can’t handle totally sucking at something- well, I can but not very graciously. I’m still pretty terrible but I’m going to rent a boat and practice.

The third weekend, I went to Amanda and Nate’s wedding which was so much fun and I met so many neat people there. A&N have a great group of friends and although I had met several before, it was nice to get reacquainted. I also became reacquainted with the idea that bottomless wine glasses are a TERRIBLE idea and I really ought to know that by now. Fortunately nothing too terrible happened other than a ridiculous hangover but really, smack on the hand for me.

That Sunday, I went to an Imogen Heap concert. I didn’t know much about her music other than the stuff from the O.C. (I am so cool. And so 2005) and that three of my friends with excellent musical taste all like her stuff. The concert was great! Her sampling in real time and manipulation of the musical sounds was incredible. A setlist is pending but really, I am a big fan now. I know it seems I’m a big fan of every group I see, but it’s in part due to the fact that I don’t see that many concerts and I really only go to acts I already know and like.

This weekend, I’m on call. I’m supposed to be writing a paper *ahem* so I think I’ll get back to that now. Tonight is my friend Kate’s birthday celebration which I’m excited for- a big backyard BBQ! I haven’t had grilled food in awhile. Hopefully, the pager will be quiet so I can stay and have a delicious dinner but it not, she and her husband live right up the hill from the hospital so I can get here and back in a flash.

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