Time flies…

Ok, not really but I’ve had such a wonderful Summer and barely written about it at all. It’s hard to motivate to write a blog post at work and since I rarely have internet access otherwise, well, blogging falls by the wayside.

July started off completely amazingly because I went to Norfolk to play the part of “good Navy girlfriend” when Mechen’s ship returned from a six month deployment. I hadn’t seen him since January and I had only talked to him on the phone four times during that whole time interval. The weekend was amazing. Too short, but to actually be with my boyfriend was such a treat. I know it’s kind of weird to say- wow, I got to hang out with my boyfriend, fancy that. But after two years of loooong-distance, it’s the little things that sustain me. Although my patience is getting thinner as December gets closer and closer. Hurry up December! (And why do I say that? Because Mechen has orders to CP and will be in San Diego. Hooray!)

I’ll have to look at my calendar to update on other July goings on but August has also been a pretty good month because my sister Brady moved out to San Diego and is staying with me AND Rob and I went on a week long vacation to Kauai. It was totally awesome and beautiful. More details (and pictures!) to come!

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