Control Freak

It is really bothering me that my post below has two different font sizes. For the love of god, if I can’t control the font size on my own blog, what can I control?!?!

Ok, so this is a brief blog break before I finish my last-minute studying for the inservice. The test is tomorrow. I am definitely a little nervous but I have studied a.lot. I’m hoping that I know the answers (duh) and that the questions asked happen to be the ones that I am brilliant at! Like spelling my name- I’m excellent at that!

But really, I feel like I’m in an ok spot and that I won’t embarrass myself horribly tomorrow. Although the stakes are high after my abysmal score last year. But I need to stay positive and most of all, read the fucking question because they can be so tricky with their excepts/onlys/NOT/true/false. Bastards.

This week was fun. Lots of studying, an easy call night, two Bar Method classes and one spin class were involved. One of the highlights was cooking my lunch last night with Mechen. I made orange-glazed tempeh from 101cookbooks combined with quinoa and lightly steamed green veggies. Holy cow. The orange tempeh was delicious. I HIGHLY recommend it. The whole site is filled with delicious, veggie-filled dishes of goodness. Most of all, Mechen LOVED it which meant so much to me because I love eating healthily and low-meat and to share that with him is awesome! Oh, BTW, I made enough for two with an additional small serving for dinner tonight.

Ok, back to the books!

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