All’s quiet…

It looks like my pager has learned to behave! This weekend, so far, has not been too bad which is great. Even if it exploded….now (*furtive look towards my pager*) it could still be no more than a rating of “terrible” since I’ve gotten through two nights, albeit one completely asinine page last night about something that 1. I wasn’t even in charge of and 2. could have COMPLETELY waited until the morning.

ANYWAY! This morning, I learned that my smoke detectors do indeed work. Although both had a green light on, I was suspicious b/c I really thought I had smoked the place out on various occasions with kitchen endeavors. Never fear! This morning, I really hit the threshold thanks to some mysterious debris on the floor of my oven.

I have been listening to Spanish on tapes on the way to work. I’m using the Pimsleur level 1, which is alright. It’s really weird because the first three lessons are how to communicate that I don’t speak Spanish. That seems like a very defeatist attitude on the Pimsleur side of things. How about teaching me Spanish so I don’t need to know how to say that (ok, ok, I realize this sentence has some inherent contradictions).

I’m also trying to cook up a storm of healthy eats for this week. I think I eat less when Mechen’s around because all of a sudden, 3 lbs just fell off me. I also think that this is the breakthrough of a plateau but either way, I’ll take it! I’m starting to get within sight of my goal which is great since the big wedding/Iceland/Denmark trip is coming up. I’m usually a size 8 but over the years, I’ve had fits of wild optimism (and occasional weight lows) and bought really cute clothes in size 6. So, I’ve got a great, barely worn wardrobe, I just need to fit into it. And I say this not because I’m vain (although I am), but also because most of these clothes are “Fall-ish” and I refuse to wear corduroys that are too tight. Can you say sausage casings? This is also why I refuse to wear corduroy skinny jeans. There are women who can (I hate you- kidding!) but they are the ones with beautiful long gazelle legs rather than my very strong, very muscular former gymnast-like quads.

This post was brought to you by random stream of consciousness and parenthetical phrases.

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