Since we last spoke…

I have a life! Hooray! Kaiser, albeit an AMAZING experience, was a slight social life sucker. That month finished off well, including my luck to have the amazingly better half of the split fifth weekend. Hooray!

I have gone paddle-boarding twice which is mucho fun. It’s really easy and relaxing. I would love to do more of it and maybe even start exploring the paddle/surf hybrid activity. I’ve been out to brunch at Ave 5 and Cafe Bleu in Hillcrest/Mission Hills. Both restaurants were excellent and part of the new exciting brunch theme of “Bottomless Mimosas!” I had a sort of duck hash at Ave 5 and Asparagus Benedict at Cafe Bleu. It’s with a few of my lady doctor friends who are so much fun and provide just the right amount of shop talk and fun talk although to be honest, someone non-med would probably be really bored and/or horrified.

Mechen and I housesat in Coronado and saw Liquid Blue in Sprekel’s Park. We ate at Burger Lounge and had delicious ice cream at a shop I call Maggie Moo, but I’m pretty sure that’s the place in Boston and I’m wrong. It was really nice to take several walks to the beach and the commute was glorious!

I’ve also been to a Padres game with my sister and her boyfriend. Mechen and I went to a pre-season Chargers game. Tonight’s a fun house-warming for my friend Melissa and I think that’s all I’ve got!

I’ve been attending lots of Barry classes and loving them- I want to be in shape for my vacation although I did a dietary setback last night after going to a Brazilian steakhouse last night. Phew. I really am feeling torn about eating meat b/c I do feel better on all veggies but sometimes, meat is just delicious!

Upcoming events: 9 day vacation to Cape Cod, Iceland and Denmark, Two Car Studio concert 24 Sept and a Pizza Port Chargers Party Bus on 25 Sept. Then, of course, comes my 3 month exile to Houston for an away rotation to M.D. Anderson. My social life will be zapped once more!

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