Fun weekend!

Mechen and I were talking about how much fun last weekend was. First, we went to the Brazilian steakhouse with Heather and Dave, two of Mechen’s friends from the Hawk that are slowly becoming mine as well. Sometimes, I feel like they think I’m blowing them off but they have an uncanny knack for planning things when I’m on call. Hmmm…

Anyway, afterward, we stopped at Extraordinary Desserts and had delicious raspberry mascarpone ice cream. Yum. Saturday was the Encinitas Botanical Gardens with a serendipitous art walk find on our part. Saturday night, we went to an awesome housewarming party complete with a catered taco cantina. Finally, Sunday was an awesome mellow beach day with lots of surfing. I loved it! And I caught several waves, although mostly breakwater.

Ok, movie night! The Proposal. Hopefully it’s as good and cute as the previews suggested!

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