I’m an intern again…

Fortunately not, but oh my word, Friday night call was horrific. I was getting paged every 20-30 minutes regarding “order clarifications,” which finally stopped at 11:30 p.m. And I would have slept until 4:30 except for the post-operative hematoma that presented at midnight. Fuck. So, I was up until 5 in the OR and ICU. And although I slept on a stretcher for an two hours before rounds, I was so wasted that morning. I looked like crap and not that I really care how I look at work (within reason- I do want to have a professional appearance), I really looked like a train hit me. I slept and finally felt a little better. I went to Target followed by an amazing yoga session. Then I crashed around 9 last night.

One thing I did learn yesterday is that I really like yoga. I definitely plan on keeping up my running routine, but I felt so serene after yesterday’s session. Yoga is definitely the exercise that I routinely forget that I like. I usually think I’m too type A and that I’ll be too bored. But I have definitely noticed that I’ve become increasingly less flexible and I would like to restore that aspect of fitness. I think it’s especially important if I want to continue running as I get older. So, even though I don’t have the most spiritually-minded approach to yoga, it’s something I plan on continuing. Especially in San Diego- there are yoga studios everywhere.

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