Blog Overhaul

Ok! I’m so excited! I’ve updated my posts, ran the spellcheck and changed the email name to my blog. I had made up a random name I could never really embrace so now I’m just going to use my middle name. (The random name was Pfieffer from Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park where Mechen and I travelled last year but Pfieffer felt too…weird. I mean, really, Pfieffer? But you will see blog posts signed with that name so I felt you needed an explanation.) I already use Mechen’s middle name on the blog. I know there’s little e-privacy in the world but I don’t want patients to find this blog just by Googling my real name. The blog is not something I feel the need to hide, but I also like having a division between my work and non-work life. The only thing left at this point is to add some pictures to a few of my travel-related 2008 posts.

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