Reverb- Jan 2011

Oooo, did you hear the latest thing to hit the internet? It’s called reverb and it’s aim is to help reflect on the past year. Except….eeerrrccckkkk(*screeching brakes*)…um, that was done last year and this year, it doesn’t look like it even exists.

So, I’ll make up my own! It’ll help with regular blogging and I’ll get to look over the year. Since I have no readers (holla!), it’ll help reinforce my online journal status.
So, January started out- hungover. Not too badly, but definitely a little worse for wear after a fun New Year’s Eve. We moved into our Cardiff apartment and were so happy to finally be living together! We had some great Craigslist finds and gradually made the place our new home. Oh, whatever, it was instantly our home because we were both there. I know this sounds incredibly cheesy but I could have been in the apartment with my Japanese futon and an upside down box and as long as he was there, I would have been so content!
But, because Mechen is a champion, we moved my stuff from Banker’s Hill and found some more furniture around the neighborhood. Probably the best find was a comfy but chic armchair that Mechen really fixed up beautifully with a little TLC- covering the black paint chips and de-piling the upholstery.
I was working at Kaiser so I’m pretty sure we just stuck around North County this month. But it was bliss!
A weird question that people frequently asked was, “How IS it living together?” implying that there had to be some tough times or rough patches. Honestly and truly, there were none. Although maybe I give off a “She MUST be hard to live with” vibe? Don’t answer that!

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