Christmas 2011

Mechen was here! And we figured out a way to watch Downton Abbey, Season 2. So, in short, we had a GREAT Christmas!

Ok, it was more than just TV watching. It was great to see Mechen after a month apart. He’s the most missable! He came in Thursday evening. Friday, I was on call and was fairly busy during the day but was off from 12-5 so we went out to lunch and then to the Menil Collection. We had Turkish food for lunch at Pasha, which was delicious. Then I was very happy to re-visit the Menil Collection. I like taking advantage of cultural opportunities when I can. I was called in later that evening, but done by 11 and then that was it! No overnight calls, hooray! I happily turned over the pager the next day and apart from rounding, I was free!
Mechen and I watched a ton of Downton Abbey and engaged in delicious day drinking of Christmas cocktails. On Christmas morning, we went to Church and opened presents. I got an awesome gym bag which will be much better than my huge sack I’ve been lugging around. We had a delicious dinner cooked by chef Whole Foods in order to avoid lots of leftovers and lazed around. Today, we watched the Christmas special and walked around Discovery Green before he left. Although I was sad to see him go, I am SO EXCITED that I will be home in 5 days!
A bunch of us are going out to Starlite for New Year’s Eve. I will also get to wear my super-cute Anthro dress, hooray! I didn’t wear it this weekend since the timing didn’t work out to go to fancy restaurants due to special holiday hours.

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