Week in Review, #1

I had my first week back! Work is going well- I had one day in the OR and one day in the clinic so teeny baby steps back into the San Diego Oto world. Friday academic conferences went well with me running the tumor board conference.

I started on my New Year’s exercise plan. I’m going to workout 5-6 times a week with a combination of SPX Pilates and Barry’s Bootcamp. I’m pretty excited to see what my results will be since I get awesome interval cardio workouts and strength training without lifting heavy weights that cause me to bulk up.
I’m also limiting my alcohol to two events a week. This is all part of my “9 in 90” plan, which is a set of 9 goals that I want to accomplish before my 32nd birthday. One of the goals has to do with weight loss and I’m really excited about my current strategy because I think it will deliver! In addition, purchasing the classes was definitely an investment and I don’t want to squander my money by doing these awesome workouts and then eating terribly or drinking the calories back.
This week, Mechen and I went out to Kensington Grill on Wednesday and Blue Ribbon Pizzeria Friday. At KG, we split a bottle of Consilience Cabernet, although some was brought home. We had buffalo tater tots that were not as good as their original recipe but still, the plate was emptied. I felt a little gross because they were like hush puppies- more fat grams in them then they actually weighed! Or so it seemed. We also shared a bruschetta plate and mussels.
At BRP, we shared the albacore crudo plate (swoon!), followed by two pizzas- the Whole Hog and the Signature. Leftovers here too, but it had been so long and we each wanted our respective favorite pizza.
Last night, we went to Chorus Karaoke in Kearny Mesa which was fun. I love singing although my range has definitely decreased over the years. It was a fairly early night but I feel awesome this morning (lots o’ sleep and no alcohol drinking will do that!). I’m off to SPX now and then brunch with my lady friends!

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