I am so excited! Brady got into medical school! We celebrated last night on my parents (thanks Mom and Dad) at Jake’s in Del Mar. It was a beautiful restaurant and such an awesome location. I got flowers delivered to the table to surprise Brady which was a teeny bust since she thought they were part of the restaurant decor and not specifically for her! Ha, ha, fail!

I had brunch on last Sunday at The Farmhouse Cafe, which was a lot of fun. We talked about many things but one of them was Coachella. I was a little bummed at the list that Coachella had released. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some good bands on there but for me, there were about 2-3 “must-see” bands. That’s a little too low for me and while I know it shows that I am not super hip-to-the-scene (truly, would someone cool even use those words?), I didn’t want to only discover new bands. Mechen tried to buy tickets yesterday anyway just in case but as it turns out, the decision was made for us since it was sold out in less than two hours and he didn’t get through. I’m definitely SO glad I went last year b/c the lineup was amazing and I’ve always wanted to go but even last year, I never felt like I had to make it an annual pilgrimage.
This week was more hectic than I was anticipating but things are going really well at work, plus I’m trying to keep a little work-life balance and get home at a reasonable time. I’ve also been doing well with exercise classes. I did have an extra two drinks this week (mimosa at brunch and mid-week glass of wine), but I’ll get back on track this week. This week is all about restaurant week! I’m so excited. I was planning on two restaurants but maybe I’ll just keep next Friday’s reservation at Whisknladle since we ate out last night.

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