Week 2/3

I’m not sure if I’m in love with the numbered week format, but at least it will keep me semi-honest in trying to update things regularly. The last post highlighted what we did in week 2. Add a little football on Sunday and that about wraps it up.

This past week was pretty standard. I’ve been doing really well with making my workouts and I am really loving SPX Pilates. It’s a total ass-kicker though but I feel so much stronger and toned, even after ~8 classes. I’m really interested to see if that whole Joseph Pilates quote is true- paraphrased “feel better in 10, look better in 20, new body in 30.” I’ll definitely keep you posted.
Last night, Mechen, Shelby, Zheng and I went to Whisknladle for restaurant week. I love that restaurant. It was really delicious although really rich- my stomach hurt last night. I think all the buttery deliciousness of my Steelhead trout dish did me in. But it was so fun to have a couple double date.
Tonight, we’re going to a Chinese New Year’s party. Tomorrow is brunch club at Urban Solace followed by some more football. I’m on call for Super Bowl weekend but I may still host a Super Bowl party anyway!

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