Week 14

This weekend was so much fun! The week ended on a great note because my tympanic membrane perforation healed on its own after some mildly painful manipulation in clinic! Hooray! No surgery for me! So instead of being the patient, I got to operate and watch some really interesting pediatric cases. So, Friday was a pretty banner day. That night, I just chilled out at home while Mechen was on his golfing man date.

Saturday was a pretty awesome day too. It was very me-me-me since I felt very indulgent. I went to SPX, ran 4 miles, had a steam/massage/sauna at Sante Day spa and finished up with a pedi/brows at Noble Nails in Encinitas. The only thing I didn’t do was nap although I was pretty close on the massage table a couple of times!
Then, I went to Blue Ribbon to put our names on the list for our couples double date with Cat and Gary. This proved key since our in-person wait was only 5 minutes while the total wait from when I put our names on the list was almost 90 minutes! We all got along really well and the food was awesome. We had the tuna crudo and bruschetta for appetizers. We split three pizzas- the Whole Hog (more pork than you could imagine), the Seasonal special (goat cheese, “nutless pesto” [snicker], prosciutto and mozzarella) and the Signature with arugula. DEEEELICIOUS! We then split a butterscotch pudding four ways which good thing we weren’t germaphobes (and that no one had a cold!).
After Blue Ribbon, we went to Encinitas Ale House where we all got taster flights of beer. We all tried a Nitro processed beer, which we all thought was quite smooth. The rest were a smattering of different types but it was really a lot of fun. I had an “eh” Belgian gold, an interesting sour beer and a local porter from Green Flash which was tasty.
Today, we went to Jenny’s for brunch which is the third time I’ve been for her Easter egg-stravaganza (oh ho ho!). The food was awesome. Before brunch, we went to the Presbyterian Church of Solana Beach that both Mechen and I really liked. I definitely think we’ll be back!
This afternoon was a very lazy time of watching the Masters, which was excellent and quite exciting. We were both glad Bubba Watson won! Now, I’m off for a run that won’t even dent my total caloric intake from chocolate today! We’re going to have corned beef and cabbage tonight since weekend nights are the only time that I have to simmer without having dinner at 10 p.m.
I’m also busy planning for the Mercy trip. I’m trying to think of things I liked having on the Hawk and making sure I bring them, within reason. I am SO excited about this Summer!

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