What makes me feel cool…

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes a get a smirky feeling of self-satisfaction when I feel a little bit ahead of the coolness curve.  I think, “Ooo, see!  I am still a little hip and cool!”  Now, using the word “hip” and feeling smirky may seem to be hipster, which I’m pretty sure I’m not.  Or maybe I’m just super meta.

BUT, I would point you to my February post on Revlon Lip Butters.  They seem to be all the rage now- that, or Revlon is excellent at its own form of product placement on various blogs and Twitter.
ANYWAY, things are going pretty well.  I have a bag of toiletries on the Mercy stowed away, which is great since that will save many pounds in my bag.  I feel compelled to point out that these are pretty basic toiletries- body wash, shampoo (maybe even a 2 in 1, I can’t remember), toothpaste, etc.  It’s just all those liquids and semi-liquids are HEAVY and I will already be loading quite a bit in my bag.  Plus, those products will hopefully be all used up so I don’t have to worry about needing room in my bag to bring them back.
I’m really looking forward to the Mercy mission and I’m also looking forward to JazzFest.  I hear it’s awesome and I am feeling the need for a vacation!  Following our New Orleans vacation, Mechen and I will head out for a mini-Southern road trip to visit his grandmother.  I hope I can find my “Road Bingo” cards again!

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