JazzFest, part II

Corpse Reviver #2 and Bloody Mary
Not looking super awake
Ready for breakfast!

Saturday started with more delicious food.  Mechen and I went to Elizabeth’s, a delicious brunch place in the Bywater.  The highlight was a savory cornmeal waffle with sweet potato and duck hash with jalepeno jelly.  Oh.  my.  It was so delicious and also pretty different.  I’m always a fan when I get something in a restaurant that I can’t necessarily recreate at home.  We also had praline bacon.  Mechen got poached eggs on crabcakes, which were also tasty.  For drinks, we had excellent Bloody Marys (hel-lo horseradish) and Mechen had a corpse reviver #2, which we just recreated in our kitchen today (5/20).  
Near the Art School
Cute house in Bywater
After stuffing ourselves, we walked 3 miles to JazzFest which, while hot, helped with letting the food settle and we got to see more of the city.  We arrived around 1 and saw some of the bigger local acts that had earlier set times.  It was nice to discover new-to-us music.  We saw Big Sam Funky Nation and Irma Thomas.  Then we saw the Eagles for a song or two but headed over to Ne-yo’s great set.  He was so full of energy and has a great voice.  After his set was over, we went back to the Eagles and heard “Desparado” as the last song.  What?!  Debbie Downer.  I’m really not much of an Eagles fan but I was interested in hearing them in concert since they usually command high ticket prices.  
More awake!

After JazzFest, the four of us went to Root, a restaurant we had tried to go to the previous night unsuccessfully.  I’m glad we tried again because it was delicious!  There was a charcuterie plate featuring a Moroccan lamb sausage (Merguez) with amazing pickled vegetables and fruit.  My favorite dish was the “Smoked Cornmeal Encrusted Louisiana Oysters: Andouille Spoon Bread, Manchego foam.”  Yum!  We also had Louisiana Pickled Shrimp with Deviled Eggs, Cohiba Smoked Scallops and Black Lacquered Duck Tortellini.   For dessert, we had the Yorkie which was a peppermint patty meets cocoa puffs and a Strawberry Delight with fizzy rocks.  Dinner was amazing and we were so happy we went.  
Later that night, we headed to the Scotish Rites Temple and saw a late show with Big Sam Funky Nation.  I really wanted to hear their Adele cover one more time but Mechen and I threw in the towel at 3.  We just couldn’t hang anymore!
Jazz Trio at Cafe Atchafalaya
Sunday, Mechen and I dragged ourselves out of bed and headed towards the Magazine District to Cafe Atchafalaya for brunch.  There we got an awesome strawberry French Toast and a special Eggs Rockefeller, which had poached eggs with crab and oysters. There was an amazing make-your-own-Bloody-Mary bar which someone upended while we were there (NOT us!).  The other delicious thing about NOLA Bloody Marys were the spiced green beans.  That’s some spice I can handle!
This is not RodGab

Hi Dave!
After brunch, we headed to JazzFest and saw the Foo Fighters 2 hour set.  The last time I saw FF was in 1998 when it seemed like Dave Grohl was still learning how to play the guitar.  They were awesome in 2012 and I sort of forgot how many hits they’ve had.  It was a great live show and I’m so glad I saw it.  Then we headed over to the Jazz Preservation Hall finale show, which I mostly napped through.
The four trip buddies!
Apart from our brunch eats, Mechen and I ate a lot at JazzFest itself.  Delicious things included Cochon du lait PoBoy, Soft Shell Crab Po-Boy, Crabmeat PoBoy, Fried Chicken, Jumbalaya, Grilled Bread- Crawfish and Sausage, Crawfish Monica
and Strawberry lemonade.  The last was an excellent mixer for Everclear!  
Up next, road trip time!

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