Notes from a TDY, Part 1

Before I went to the Mercy, it was a busy last week.  I ordered invites to the Hail and Farewell (way too few as it turned out).  Packing was pretty crazy but I got Asics for 20% off (yay!).  I also finally scored a Mercy ball cap which were perpetually sold out.  I went to Blue Ribbon with Mechen.  Shelby, Zen, Mechen and I had a couples date at Banker’s Hill that was crashed by Edna, Amy and Cat but was a ton of fun!  That Saturday, Jenny, Mechen, Cat and I were going to head out to the Padres game but instead hung out at the Mission brewery and a random bar in the Gaslamp for dinner.  
I flew to Guam via Seattle and Narita.  In Guam, we arrived at midnight and ended up cabbing it to the ship since there was no duty driver to pick us up.  The next morning, we went through check-in quickly and headed to the Sheraton Laguna.  We spent all day at the pool and had the best time!  There was a water slide and pool volleyball net in one pool and the most scenic infinity pool.   It was an amazing way to start and also a nice way to meet the other residents.  I only knew Suzi and Ty, two friends/classmates from med school.  We also went to the Hotel Santa Fe for dinner which was pretty awesome.
When we went underway, I took a picture of the pier where the Kitty Hawk had docked (memories!).  The shipboard indoctrination was pretty ridiculous.  Picture tons of boring lectures punctuated by complete ridiculousness from the last two speakers.  Namely, the tech guy talking about going to “ass-pounding prison” if anyone was caught looking at child porn and the video of electrocution via high-power lines from one of the safety guys.  It was very disconcerting but also, kind of hilarious in its inappropriateness.
First days of surgery in Indonesia started slowly after a pretty crazy SMEE at a beautiful, brand-new private hospital with the most mega-goiters I have ever seen. Day 1 was an EIC, Day 2 a post auricular cyst followed by a right hemithyroid.  There were 3 staff surgeons watching/giving input/”advice” which was pretty stressful.  But successful outcome! 

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