Awesome weekend!

The past weekend was so much fun.  Mechen and I totally recharged our batteries and had the most mellow, fun time.

Friday, I went to the Padres game with a group from work.  I brought pizza from BASIC which was well-received although I bought too much!  The game was ok, company better.  Inning 3 was particularly incredible as the Giants scored 8(!) runs.  I’ve never seen that- so terrible!  Not that I am encyclopedic in my baseball watching or even interest but it was pretty amazing.

Saturday, we got up and were pretty lazy in the morning after sleeping in until 10!  Then we went to Del Mar racetrack to see some of the races followed by Ben Harper.  He did a great cover of “Atlantic City” and had some good songs I wasn’t familiar with but I was sad that he didn’t play “Forever” or “Steal Your Kisses.”  Maybe they bring up bad memories for him but that’s really all the Ben Harper I know.  We followed up the Race Track with a trip to Pizza Port, which was much needed grease to absorb some of the beer we drank!

Sunday, we woke up, went to church and then had a delicious brunch!  We made Papas Locos, a dish modified from The Mission.  It is Mechen’s specialty.  Breakfast potatoes boiled then sauteed with bacon and onions topped with scrambled eggs, avocado, cheese, Greek yogurt, homemade heirloom tomato salsa fresca (off the hook!) and jalepenos.  Then we took a nap followed by the beach and surfing.  Dinner was lighter but we ate out on the deck which was awesome.

So, basically, the weekend was really chill and North County focussed.  I didn’t come down to SD once, which was great to take a break from the car.  Although we’re not driving ourselves crazy, we’re trying to take advantage of the little North County time we have remaining. 

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