October, part 2

The workweek of 10/15-10/19 was pretty uneventful although overall, I’ve been getting some pretty awesome cases and I feel I’m making good progress on my sinus and ear (in particular) surgery skills.  I was gearing up for Greg and my’s wetting-down on 10/20. It was an awesome party!  The people there were great and everyone was very mingling without too much shoptalk.  The food was great and there was plenty of alcohol.  Several people got pretty wastey-face because Greg had bought these mini-cups that were actually designed for shooters.  So, people underestimated how much wine they were drinking because they just kept refilling although really, every two cups = 1 glass of real wine.  I say real wine b/c I usually drink more than 4 oz in my servings but that’s technically 1 serving (for losers!).  Afterwards, we went out to Imperial House and saw Rick Lyon (I love his “Time After Time” rendition.  Next, we went to Rich’s then headed to North Park to The Office.  It was an awesome night and I was so tired the next day!  It was a very lazy Sunday, apart from the fairly massive clean-up.

On Tuesday, I went out to Happy Hour with Jenny and Brooke.  We were hoping to meet people but this actually was not the best plan since Tuesday is not the busiest night and we were out on the earlier side anyway.  I think we’ll start heading out to Friday Happy Hours instead.  On Wednesday, I went out to dinner with one of my roommates from the Mercy.  That was awesome and we talked and talked.  Then we went to yoga.  Afterwards, I stopped in at The Office and met the music booker and one of the manager’s at Jimmy Loves.  It’s a restaurant in Gaslamp that has pretty awesome music even though I haven’t been in awhile since I don’t really like Gaslamp.  I feel like GL has too many businessmen conventioneer attenders on bad behavior and too many college kids.  But I’ll be there for Halloween to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals!

Friday was Two Door Cinema Club, which was a great concert even though the person I was supposed to go with flaked.  I went right before the band came on and they were awesome.  Then I went to The Office where the music was awesome!  I just got Spotify premium and the two lists I want to make are 90s hiphop/R&B a la high school mixers and 90s grunge/modern rock for the OR.  At the Office, it was mostly hip-hop for awhile and it was SO much fun to dance to.

Last night was a work party for Bach’s going away.  It was a really nice party but there has definitely been a lot of ENT socializing recently!  Tonight is game night at Cat and Gary’s which was fun last month although I didn’t like the game which was basically a big bluffing card game.  So, I may just watch if that’s the game played although I hear they’re going to switch it up.

Off to sign dictations.  Blaugh!

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