Upcoming travel excitement!

I can’t wait!  After taking WAY too little leave (not since JazzFest really), I have several exciting trips coming up!  I initially refrained from asking for one of my allowed weeks off and then I thought, “What am I thinking?!”  So, I asked for it and when I talked to Brady later that week, I found out that it’s her Spring Break!  Sister trip!  I think we’ll head over to Switzerland together!  That way, we can hang out during the day and then I’ll find stuff to do at night when Uli is off.  We’ll all go out to dinner at least once but I want to make sure they have their time too.  I’ve travelled independently before so it’s NBD.

BRADY!  Let me hang out with yooouuuuuu!

I also have two awesome February trips.  On President’s Weekend, I’ll be heading out to Breckenridge to Jenny’s brother’s house with Jenny and Brooke.  SUPER exciting!  I’ve never skied on a Big West resort and I cannot wait.  I may rent skis since it’ll save on bringing them AND my skis are so old that the rentals will be much nicer.  Hmmm, what to do?

The weekend after that, I’m heading to Pittsburgh to see all of my close college friends.  HOORAY!  I am really hoping Hilary will be able to make it since she’ll be close to 7 months pregnant at that point but my fingers are crossed for her!  Well, they’re crossed anyway but I do hope she’ll be able to make it!
Finally, I’ll head out to Nova Scotia in June where Mom and Dad have rented a house for two weeks.  Seems a little random but the place is gorgeous and I always love seeing them and hanging out with family so I’m really looking forward to it.
This week was pretty mellow.  I had a super tough case in the OR- it was the hardest tympanoplasty I’ve ever done.  The guy had recently been in an IED blast (<3 months ago) and there was just a lot of inflammation, bony irregularities and shredded drum.  Ultimately, I got the graft in and positioned appropriately but it was really difficult and not tons of fun.  Clinic was pretty easy this week- not too mentally taxing.
Socially, a little quiet since people are gearing up for the holidays and leaving town.  I watched Elf and cooked salmon on Thursday.  I love the movie and it makes me feel so Christmas-y.  I may even watch it again that’s how much I love it!
Ok, off to go round.  I’m going rock-climbing today and then to a Christmas party tonight.  I think I have my outfit set to go.  I’m wearing a dress which looks good and not too fancy but it’s easy to overshoot the dress code in Southern CA so hopefully, it won’t be too much.  The dress is flattering but pretty simple.  My shoes are totally awesome and really give a pop of color.  I’ll write the verdict later!

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