New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve was awesome!  After a year hiatus, my friends and I decided to go back to Hotel Solamar!  We had gone for two years and then took last year off which was a sort of “meh” time at Starlite (I thought- early seating, no real DJ/dance floor).  We reserved the last big cabana.  It was a great deal- an $1100 minimum including tax/tip.  We pre-planned what drinks/bottles we were going to order so there were no end-of-the-night surprises made even more difficult by not being sober.  Win!

Before the night even started though, SMS wanted to take some pictures during the after sunset blue hour from my rooftop.  It was a pretty awesome setup and idea.  Unfortunately, I was a little nervous being the center of the camera’s attention but SMS got some great shots.  It was an awesome way to document the end of 2012 and the early beginnings of something special.

SMS and I on the rooftop
Champagne!  It was an awesome NYE!!!

Also, the dress was quite a find from a few weeks prior.  The hair stylist I go to “currates” vintage clothing and this was on her rack.  It was the right size and $20.  Awesome!

Then, the dinner party started.  Friends brought assorted snacks and drinks.  I provided a “street taco” spread with oven-fried carnitas, chicken tinga, fresh chorizo and potato and a beef mixture.  They were all really good although the chicken tinga was my favorite.  The chips and tortillas were from El Indio and were excellent!  We missed the bus b/c I can’t tell time and I couldn’t find my wallet but ultimately, we made it to Hotel Solamar by 9ish.

Jenny, SMS and the awesome “street taco” spread!

Another new couple alert!
At the party!

Hotel Solamar was awesome.  I hung out and danced with my friends and in general, just had an awesome time celebrating the New Year.  While I’m sure I’ll have quiet NYE in the future that I’ll enjoy at home, hanging out with my San Diego friends is so much fun, especially on big nights/festive occasions!  And we didn’t overshoot the bill too badly.  We definitely didn’t drink a lot since we started early so a nearly full bottle of Belvedere went home with me in my bag.  Scandalous!

Hotel Solomar

Hotel Solomar

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