Newport Beach

SMS and I had an awesome weekend up in Newport Beach.  I had bought tickets awhile back to see Wicked, which was playing at Costa Mesa.  He had wanted to see it when we were in Honolulu but family dinners didn’t allow for it so when I went on the traveling production page to get ideas for where we could see it, Costa Mesa worked out beautifully!  I had no idea where it was but it’s in Orange County, only 90 minutes away.  Even better, SMS’ grandfather owns a duplex 1/2 block from the beach at Newport.  It was beautiful, open and airy and just the most relaxing, awesome place.  I took a nap on both days!

Wicked was great and I’m so happy we got to see a show together.  On both Saturday (Wicked) and Sunday (St. Patrick’s Day), I wore a bright green dress that SMS bought for me a few weeks ago.  It was the perfect dress.  He took pictures of the two of us down by the beach.

Highlights from the weekend culinary-wise include Unami burgers, dinner and lunch at Gulfstream (delicious oysters, Heavenly Biscuits, grilled artichokes, trout, delicious clam chowder) and a lavender latte from Milk and Honey.

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