Weekend fun!

At the baseball game- I need to get more sleep!

This past weekend was great!  SMS and I joined a few of our friends at the Padres game.  Aaron is also going to Japan and he too has his San Diego check-off list.  We had great seats, especially for only $13!  We could see the Ultimate Skybox from our seats and we also went to Hodad’s.  The burger was fine and the toppings delicious but I’m fairly certain that’s my one-and-only time there.  Even though it wasn’t the original OB location, I am fine with that!

On Saturday, SMS and I met Chaplain Feagle, a really nice, warm former Navy chaplain who lives in Pt Loma.  Afterwards, we went to Reglan Public House which was a delicious craft brew and hamburger place.  SMS didn’t have a burger the night before so we split a burger, sweet potato fries and grilled corn.  Yum!

Then we did a bunch of errands to get ready for SMS’ party on my rooftop.  We made oven-fried carnitas and pollo asado.  Both dishes were great and the party was a huge success.  SMS’ friends are so nice and engaging.  There was lots to talk about and even though it was a party of work friends, it didn’t seem like there was too much shop talk!  Everyone loved the view and the whole venue was just really awesome.  We stayed until about 11, which was great since the roof/lounge technically closes at 10.  But we were allowed to stay, probably because it was all very mellow and no music was playing.

Oooo, just a note on the carnitas- even though it’s a pain to de-pith, the orange salsa is totally worth making!

View from the West side of the building
with the airport in the distance

On Sunday, I felt great although sleepy- I had taken a gamble and actually been on call Saturday because I wanted the middle weekend in June off rather than split it with Chris.  I met up with Tawnne for some shopping and lunch at Fashion Valley.  We had lunch at True Food Kitchen, which was a delicious healthy option.  We split a scramble and the Farmer’s Market salad, which had the freshest peas and fava beans.  It was so good.  Then, we proceeded to spend too much money before finally calling it a day.  Afterwards, SMS and I walked through Balboa Park and through the rose garden, where I’ve been wanting to go for weeks!

Healthy breakfast/lunch

We had dinner at Azuki sushi where I figured out that the simple sushi and sashimi were best.  I got a fancy roll but the sauces distracted from the absolutely amazing quality of the fish.  So next time, simple is better.  We’ll definitely be back- it’s delicious and SMS loved the place.

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