Vacation, Part 3: Seattle

Scenes from Gas Works

We had the best time in Seattle!  First, we went to Gas Works Park at the South end of the Wallingford neighborhood (where I want to live if I ever move to Seattle!).  It contains the remains of a coal gasification plant and is a beautiful park that combines modern sculpture garden with amazing hangout. Everything seemed to be going on- slack lining, Parkour, picnicking, bocche ball, napping, sunbathing, biking, jogging, walking, kite flying, photo taking, etc.  It was so cool!  We hung out for a bit, taking it all in.  It’s on the shore of Lake Union and there was a lot to see there too- sea planes, stand-up paddle-boarders, one-person sculls, sailboats and motorboats.

Taylor Shellfish

We went to Taylor Shellfish Farm and had 16 oysters, 4 each of their daily catch.  We liked the Olympia oysters the best in addition to the Totten Sound oysters.  Then we went next door and got a delicious cheese plate and glass of wine.  It was an amazing late lunch!

After leaving, we headed to the hotel to check in.  I got a sweet deal on Priceline for the Renaissance and then we were upgraded as a “Wow factor” for active duty military.  The room was awesome with a great view and Aveda bath products.

Left: Glass Forest, Middle: Views from the Needle, Right: Needle View (top), Chihuly (bottom)

We walked/took the monorail to the Space Needle.  I didn’t really care about going and I thought SMS didn’t either until he looked at me and told me that, “I’ve only wanted to go up it since I was 6 years old.”  So, we bought the combo ticket to the Chihuly garden & museum and the Space Needle.  The line was pretty long but it was a great experience.  Seattle is so cool with all the water, mountains and amazing architecture.  The elevator was a little disconcertingly fast at the beginning of each trip, but given the line, I’m glad it wasn’t slow!

Next, we went to the Chihuly museum.  It was incredible.  There was so much beauty and incredible color and design.  It was overwhelming but I did my best to take it all in.  It was pretty awesome to be there at night since all the glass was lit.  The gardens were pretty spectacular as well.  I’m really glad SMS found out about the place- it was breathtakingly beautiful.  Highlights included the Navajo-inspired technique development of glass painting, the chandeliers, the glass forest, the fallen tree with purple lights in the garden and ikebana and float boat room.

We then missed the monorail by two minutes.  Boo.  So we walked 1.2 miles back to the hotel, stopping at a diner on the way back for a late-night snack.

Starting from left top corner going clockwise: 1. Us!, 2. Toulouse Petit, 3. Victrola Coffee, 4. Olympic Sculpture
Garden, 5-6. International Fountain

The next morning, we went to Toulouse Petit for brunch.  Delicious!  They had a breakfast “happy hour” during the week so the prices were slightly reduced.  We shared a small order of beignets, the duck confit hash and the Dungeness crab egg Benedict.  Everything was so good.  The decor inside is pretty amazing with the walls appearing as if they are painted with really thick oil paint, which creates a layered, sculpture-like effect.

Then we walked over to the International Fountain and hung out there.  It was really cool with the fountains timed to great music.  There was also the cutest little boy toddling around and getting very confused when the water would spray him one second and be gone the next.

Next, we headed to the Olympic Sculpture Garden followed by one last speed walk to and through Pike’s Market.  I was hoping to see a flying fish but no luck- people were only buying the vacuum packed fillets.  We then hopped in the car and headed out to SEATAC.  SMS was leaving in order to make his class, which I extended my trip by two days so I could visit Laddie in Portland.

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