Last Weekend

I’m in my way to Japan!  While I’m excited to start my new assignment, it’s definitely bittersweet to reach the end of my “newlywed Summer.”  SMS is staying in SD for a few months to finish his MBA studies and while we’ll see each other during that time, I’m going to miss our day-to-day togetherness!

We had a great last weekend. There was definitely some tedious packing, but the weekend was mostly a lot about having fun. We went to Banker’s Hill Bar and Restaurant Friday. The food was amazing. The highlight for me was a beer-battered chile relleno with shrimp and avocado on top. We also shared a fig and burrata “bruschetta,” an heirloom tomato & burrata salad and a bratwurst main dish.  At the bar, we ran into our friends Angela and Eric and it was fun to talk to them for awhile. After dinner, we snuck up to the roof of my old apartment. The access code still works and I had wanted to appreciate the view one more time.  We also saw the Sea World fireworks from the West facing staircase.  It was really an amazing night.
SMS was exactly right with his guess!

Saturday was a busy day. I went to Pilates, got an awesome haircut and did a few other small errands. Then there was more packing (eh). We also sold Bluey the car at Carmax. We are now $1000 richer, although I think it will be offset by the cost of getting a car in Japan (which I still don’t really want to do but I think it’s unavoidable due to call responsibilities). 

We had a really nice dinner at Linda and Rip’s house. Halibut and lots of grilled veggies- yum!  Marty was there, as were Stacy and Michael. It was a great evening with such an awesome family that I’m now a part of. 
On Sunday, I went out to brunch with Jenny, Colleen and Kristen at Kitchen 4140. Although the brunch options sounded delicious, I love their Niçoise salad so that’s what I got. Then, I headed home and we finished packing/sorting and then headed off to a pool party, which was such a welcome break. We tried our hand at slack-lining. Neither SMS nor I are what you would call naturals. 
The next day, I changed my flight so I could spend as much of the day as possible with SMS. We went out for breakfast, then he went to class. I mailed a few things and got a pedicure. I also made an awesome salad for lunch, which we had when he got home. We even managed to go to Oceanaire for Happy Hour ($1 oysters!) before finishing up with an airport goodbye. 
So now, I’m on the plane, traveling by myself and about 180 lbs of baggage. That’s literal, not figurative, ha ha. 

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