Three Day Weekend!

Things I have done this weekend.
1. Studied
2. Googled things that were OMGsoimportanttofindoutrightaway rather than do #1
3. Ate Indian food with the Cragins and Liz

Boring!  Almost as boring as a blog with no pictures so here are some assorted screen shots of things I looked up on the Internet.

Uniform shoes!  Of course!  Why not?  Please note the upper right corner where it states “Relevance.”  Relevance to board studying?  LOW!
This is cool.  And a time suck

But don’t worry, it wasn’t just about shoes.  I did use Google for work.

Clearly, the bottom one is in case my aversion to studying becomes a full-on allergy. I also can’t spell Pradaxa but that just shows I don’t sell out to Big Pharm.

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