Boards are over!  Hooray!  The questions were pretty crazy.  I never believed people when they said the boards were a whole other level above the inservice.  I thought, “How could that be?  There has to be some sort of ceiling effect on how ridiculous, difficult and ridiculously difficult a group of questions can be?”  Oh, naive me.  I think I passed but I will let you know in approximately 9 weeks.  If you don’t hear from me, it is because I will be pretending that the whole thing never happened.
So…how did I celebrate?  Well, Jenn and I went out to the Honch, tried to find the old chu-hi stand (fail), went to a rug auction and then went out for Thai food along with Dave.  The food was good, the company better and it was so nice to be out!
The next day, Jenn and I celebrated by trying to walk our feet off all over Yokohama.  We went to Queen Anne’s Tower, walked by the Ferris wheel, had Chinese steam buns for lunch, went to the Red Brick Warehouse and walked along the water to Motomachi/Chinatown.  In Motomachi, we walked along the super crowded streets.  There was a “Charming Sale” going on in all the stores.  We also walked up the huge hill to the Foreigners’ Cemetery.  It was a gorgeous day and I had my sunscreen on.  We sort of crashed in the late afternoon but it was so nice to be outside, exploring Japan.
And as promised, here’s my first foray into Picture Collage Maker!  

CW from top left: Red Brick Warehouse, a horse end piece only Karen could love, a
cat bench b/c why not, a dragon mural in Chinatown, and a flower by a foreigner’s grave

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