Good days, Fun Nights!

This week, I’ve felt like I have a real job. Yay!  I’ve seen clinic and operated so I feel like I’ve sort of earned my paycheck!  Although work has been nice, I’m really excited for SMS to get here. One more week and then my husband will live with me and we’ll be like a normal married couple, living in Japan. Wait….

So much delicious food!

I have had some really fun week nights though!  On Tuesday, the interns had their half year party.  It was awesome!  We went to an izakaya, where it was great company and amazing food. We had edamame, sashimi with an incredible smoked tuna, a delicious shabu shabu style chicken soup, yakitori and fried seafood. It was so incredibly delicious and I’m definitely glad I was hungry. It was also a really fun, eclectic crowd. The XO was there , a few senior officers, the interns, some younger docs and the nurses. I haven’t partied with nurses since my intern year. I felt very old and young at the same time!  Afterwards, we went to karaoke. Many of the more responsible peoples had bid adieu, but I went for a little bit although I didn’t stay too long because of works the next day.   I was able to sing “Bad Romance” by Lady GaGa so I represented a little bit!

Awesome party!

On Wednesday, there was a joint medical conference with Kyosai hospital in Yokosuka. There were two excellent presentations followed by a reception featuring amazing sushi, delicious beef and potatoes, and an attending who’s hobby is showing off his juggling skills. I had a great time at both events and it’s nice to meet people I work with outside of the normal business day.

Also, I drove one of the vans like a total boss.  Van driving is something that people avoid, ostensibly because people are “scared” to drive a big van through Japan on the “wrong” side of the road but really, it’s due to the fact that the joint conferences can also be awesome opportunities to booze it up and people would rather not be the DD.  Since I had enough fun Tuesday, I drove my van like a champion!  No accidents, tight cornering and a great back-in parking job to end the night.  While I know I’m bragging about this on a level par with finding world peace, it was pretty awesome.

Who is the champion!!?!?!??!!

This weekend, I’m completing the exciting task of cleaning the apartment. SMS will be here Thursday. Hooray!!!!

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