Amazing weekend!

What a crazy awesome Thanksgiving 2013!

On Thursday, I had a pretty full day.  I played flag football for about an hour and a half in the morning. It was a lot of fun and I was in a couple of key plays.  Granted, I was playing on the kids team with a few parents so the competition level wasn’t high, but it was a lot of fun.  It was also incredibly windy, which sort of cut things off a little sooner than they otherwise would have.

After lunch, I got ready for my first Thanksgiving dinner.  I made a quick stop at AVE and bought pillows for the Etsy covers I bought.  They look awesome on the couch (couch before and after coming soon!).  Then I went over to Doug and Rose’s.  I made an awesome Thanksgiving sandwich.  Unfortunately, Doug had gotten called in so I didn’t see too much of him.  I hung out for about two hours and then headed out to Shiori for Thanksgivingkuh!

In Shiori, I was totally thrown off by how Adam numbered the traffic lights so I got pretty lost.  I finally ran into him when he came down to the corner to meet me and another lost soul (who actually just gave up and went home).   Adam and I walked up to his and Jen’s place.  They had cooked so much food!  It was delicious.  First, we had Thanksgiving appetizers which I love, mostly for their completely superfluous but delectable nature.  We had mini-cornbread muffins, hummus, Israeli potato salad and pigs in a blanket.  Don’t worry- the hot dogs were Hebrew National!  Dinner was turkey, candied yams, green bean casserole, stuffing and cranberry.  So awesome.  There were pumpkin, blueberry and apple pies.  Unfortunately at this point, I got called into work to suture a girl’s nose shut.  It took over 2 hours because I needed her sedated.  I was kind of mad I didn’t ask for it from the start since she was 6 and unlikely to tolerate nasal injections (which she didn’t).

After the ER, I walked home because I was still so full.  I had taken the train to Shiori but it was nice to walk because by the time I got home, my stomach was starting to feel normal again.  I went to bed after binge-watching a little bit of Orange is the New Black.

The next morning I slept in and then cooked a few sides for the day after Thanksgiving Potluck I was invited to.  Unfortunately, I had misread the first text stating the time.  For the past few weeks, I thought it was 1700 but it was, in fact, 1400.  Darn it!  I realized this around 3 and then headed out.  The train was annoying since my side dish container overflowed the tiniest bit onto my clothes but it’s ok in the end because it all tasted great.  I had so much fun at Rod and Theresa’s house and it was great company!

But today was an AWESOME day!  I had signed up for the Run for the Cure a few weeks ago.  It was a 10K and a good way to meet some people.  A woman had organized a large group of really fun women to race around the Imperial Palace grounds.   I had a great race with a final time of 49:50!  I haven’t run anything more than 4.5 miles in a long time so I was really happy with my time.  After the race, we saw an incredible group of female Taiko drummers.  They were amazing and the percussion is just awesome live.  Then, there was a raffle.  I had bought 5 tickets for 1000Y because it was for a good cause and I was feeling lucky.  The third prize of a flight to Guam came and went as did a ring and mini-tiara (if I had won that, it would have never left my head!).  Finally, the grand prize of a trip to Saipan with lodging and entry into the 2014 marathon came up.  The event today was completely bilingual (JP and EN) but they announced the numbers in Japanese first, “Zero-hachi-nana-hachi-hachi-kyu…”  Wait, WHAT!?!?!  THOSE WERE MY NUMBERS!!!!!  They repeated the numbers in English and I ran up there like an idiot Price is Right audience member on the last taping ever with Bob Barker, aka like a total idiot!!!  I won!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

I never thought I’d get an oversized ticket!
The winning ticket and winner (me!)

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