Singapore Fling!

SMS and I made it to Singapore!  It was so lovely to go from down jackets to short sleeves in the span of 7 hours!  

I had looked up the AMC flight schedule and there was a flight leaving 30 Dec. I booked a hotel in Singapore, which I was a little nervous about since the flight wasn’t guaranteed. But, I thought the odds were in our favor and it definitely wouldn’t have been smart to show up without a reservation around New Year’s. 

We drove up to Yokota after our fun day on the 29th. It was a long drive. There are only local roads available and lots of lights. We arrived at the Kanto lodge at midnight. In retrospect, going out to dinner may not have been the smartest idea but it was so much fun that I’m glad we did. 

The next day, we showed up at the AMC for check-in. I didn’t realize that you could also do it the day before so we didn’t have to get there so early. But really, there’s not a huge difference between 4 a.m. and 4:45 a.m.  Both are ungodly early. Plus, one guy who checked in the day before didn’t get on the flight because the clerk entered his destination incorrectly.  It was so aggrevating for him and his family because there was no accountability or anything that could be done. It’s a free perk so there’s no money/customer service to leverage. 

Yes, that’s right- free flights!  We got on the flight, which turned out to be a chartered Boeing 757 so we had nice seats and climate control. What blew us away though was that there were meals and personal entertainment headsets on board, no charge. It was amazing!  I’ve been on a Patriot Express where there were similar amenities but I had to pay $10. Oooooo, $10. But still, free?!?!  Total bonus!

Some things about the boarding process were a little longer than expected such as adding all the leave info into the computer, but overall, the checkin to boarding was about 2 hours so not that bad compared to commercial flights. 

The flight was 7 hours, which was a little longer than we expected.  We arrived in Singapore and it was so warm, humid and delightful!  We went through customs (about an hour total on arrival), signed up for roll call for the return flight, and then called a cab to take us downtown. It was about 15 minutes and $15 to take us to the Park Regis. 

The hotel was beautiful! The decor was very modern and in purple and gray. Our room was great and had a waterfall shower head. The toilet space was small, which made some heavy people on TripAdvisor complain but we had no problems. 

The pool was nice and had a waterfall. The lobby had free wifi. The location was amazing. We were a 3-5 minute walk from the Chinatown MRT and Clarke Quay MRT. We were 2 km from the harbor, which we reached by walking down the river walk. 

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