Yokohama Raumen Museum

Left: Overhead shot of the B2F level Right: One of the shops
On Tuesday, SMS and I headed up to meet a friend of his from SDSU.  We were going to meet for dinner at the Raumen Museum! 

I had wanted to go to the Raumen museum for awhile.  It’s located 4 blocks away from the Shin-Yokohama station.  This is a different museum than the Cup O’Noodle museum which is located near Minato-Mirai in Yokohama.   The Raumen museum (and why it’s spelled with an “U,” I have no idea) is basically a glorified food court.  There are two basement levels built to look like an early 1900s Japanese Chinatown.  The B2F level has multiple restaurants around a central square while the B1F level has a cool alleyway square block that is a pretty cool historical replica of the town.  There are a few restaurants up here and they don’t get as much foot traffic, but we plan on going back and trying them all!
The entrance fee is Y300 for one visit and Y800 for a month pass.  The ramen costs between Y500-Y1000 depending on the size and sides ordered.  
We had two types of ramen, a miso-based and tonkatsu.  Tonkotsu is a very popular style of ramen.  Both were delicious but I favored the miso just a little bit more.  SMS and I got two mini-bowls while Yusuke showed us how it was done and ordered two regular-sized bowls.  Sagoy!
On the first level, there was a small display room/gift shop where we could have designed our own ramen but I was in a little too much of a food coma to care.  
There were some clever signs in the museum.  When you take the stairs back up to the first level, the sign in kanji reads, “To the future” rather than exit.  Very clever and I totally would have missed that if Yusuke hadn’t translated.  
Left: Friends! Right: “Don’t urinate here.”

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