Long Weekend- Sunday

So, Sunday got off to a slllloooowww start.  The morning was a bit of a wash but I started to get ready for our dinner date in Tokyo and off we went.  We checked into the New Sanno (yay!) and headed to the Fuji Corporate building in Tokyo Midtown.  SMS had found out there was an exhibit on the first floor.  I thought we were going to see a Mt. Fuji exhibit and I was very confused as we approached the building.  Instead, it was a Fuji camera exhibition and a small photography retrospective of Wynn Bullock’s work.  He enjoyed manipulating light and had some beautiful landscapes.  The camera timeline was pretty amazing- they have a very thorough collection.  I liked seeing the old camera obscura and some of the first pinhole cameras.  After the very earliest cameras, it gets very Fuji-dominated as you can imagine in the Fujifilm museum!  The museum was free.  It was small but well-done and I would recommend a stop for the film buff tourist.

After the exhibit, we walked around Ropponggi Hills for a bit.  We had a warm drink at a coffee shop since it was so cold.  While it is cold, the wind is what really makes things miserable.   Then we went to dinner.  SMS had set it up and I was excited to go out and enjoy more upscale sushi than our normal Y100 sushi joints (which are good, but still there is a difference!).

We went to Seizan sushi.  It was really beautiful.  The restaurant had a long sushi counter and semi-separated dining area.  Sets were only able to be ordered in the dining area so that’s where we went.  We ordered the Y6000 set and had multiple delicious courses.  We started out with two small appetizers.  Sashimi came next and that was delicious.  We both thought the salmon was the best.  Then we had half of a fried fish with “french fries” of little minnow-like fish.  We ate that without too much hesitation but then our second course of “appetizers” came out.  Hmmmmm…what do you think this might be…

*Sigh* I was fairly certain nothing good could come from eating this but then again, I didn’t know what it was and we were on our dining adventure.  That was one of the things we enjoyed about the set course- we would get things we otherwise would never think to order.  So, we both ate it and it was alright.  There was a small part that sort of looked like a clam, so I thought it was some variation on a shellfish.
Well, introducing shirako.  I’m sorry, you need a translation?  Well, it’s a winter-only delicacy from a male cod.  Specifically it’s the milt, which is otherwise known as the sperm sacs.  I’m very happy I didn’t know this in the restaurant!  I had a feeling it might be an organ meat, but this wouldn’t have crossed my mind!  Anyway, I don’t think I’ll have it again but it wasn’t terrible, just kind of meh combined with “I think I’m eating something I may not want to know where it came from.”
But sometimes food adventures are good so I’m glad we were up for the challenge.  Our last course was very identifiable sushi, which was awesome.  Dessert was a small scoop of green apple ice cream with match tea on the side.  Yum!  It was a great dinner out and so nice to be treated to a Japanese itinerary created by SMS.  It’s like he lives here!
On Monday, we had an awesome Tokyo day but I’ll leave that for another blog entry, which I should get to in roughly a week!  It’s ok though because my life is very boring right now- time to study for boards!

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