So, SMS left on Tuesday, 21 January.  We were both sad but at this point, we only have 0.3 decimal years to be apart so hopefully it’ll fly by.  It won’t, but at least I can attempt to be cheerful!

Before he left, we played Park Golf.  We were driving around to go to the park when what did I see??!?!?!  Old people playing Park Golf!  I thought it was only open in the Summer but apparently, there’s a Winter League.  So, SMS and I paid our Y500 game fee and Y100 rental fee and headed out to the course.  It was so much fun and we were so bad.  So bad that a Japanese woman laughed at our score, “Yonju-yon!??!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”  She then walked over to her friends to tell them and they too thought it was so funny.  Trash-talked by old people, the shame!

We took the Base Shuttle to Narita which was fast and free.  Both good things.  We said our good-byes (for now!) and I took the Shuttle back to base.  Now, the apartment is cooler and SMS-free.  Oh well.  May will be here soon.

Not too much has gone on the last week and a half.  I’ve worked, worked out, studied and been on call.  I’ve also been making some nice progress in my Japanese classes so that’s a plus.

I also got some great news in that Ed and Meg are coming!  Hooray!  It sounds like they’ll be fairly independent and tour around on their own for the first half.  Then, we’re going to hang out Sunday and then ski Monday-Tuesday.  I can’t wait to go on our overnight ski trip.  We’re going to Nazawa Onsen. There is a great resort and a town full of free hotsprings.  Awesome!

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