Update from Japan!

Hey-o!  What is up?  Not too much is happening here in Japan.  Clinic and OR continue to go well although still maintaining the slow pace of a non-MTF (military treatment facility, aka a big hospital).  Clinic is a funny mix between patients who really need an ENT and patients that need a shrink.  Kidding!  Although there are definitely some consults I’m tired of seeing.  The TMJ as ear pain is getting a little old.  Too many people are stressed out and grinding their teeth!

I’m leaving next Saturday to start the trek towards my oral boards.  I’m landing in LAX and having an “extended layover” where I get to take a few days of leave and hang out in the Los Angeles area, aka hang out with SMS!  Although I’ll be a little more stressed than normal, it’s nice to get a free trip to see him!  This year has been pretty good since we’ve seen each other at least every six weeks but both of us are excited for him to make it to Japan for good (well, at least until Summer 2015 when we’re both out of here!).

After a few days in LA, I head to Chicago for a three-day review course.  Then it’s a change of hotels to the exam venue.  Well, I’m actually staying in a Marriott across the street since I don’t want to run into any examiners.  Plus, I’m still a gold-status Marriott member, which is a carry-over from my 90-day stay during my MD Anderson rotation.  So, I get to hang out in the lounge like the VIP I am (kidding).  My exam is Sunday afternoon over at the Westin and then I will be done!  No more studying for the entire rest of the month!

I extended my ticket so I don’t leave until Monday afternoon.  I’m planning on heading into Chicago to Millennium Park and the Art Museum.  I don’t have a lot of time but those two things should be pretty cool.

Ok, off to study head and neck cancer!  Such an upper before bed!

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