Why I run…

I really like the smiley, pointy-finger man vs the cloud’s reaction.  Link

 Ha, ha.  I went for a 12 mile run today with some nice ladies, two of whom I met at the Run for the Cure (where I was the Grand Prize winner!)

Me at the Run for the Cure. Metaphorically speaking.  Link

No hippo-name calling today!  It was a great run on a beautiful morning.  We stopped a few times to reassemble the group, but I was happy with the run since I just wanted to get the miles in.  I signed up for the base half marathon next weekend and I hadn’t run anything longer than six miles in awhile.  While running, I learned that I have no excuse to be a quitter next weekend since one of the woman’s husband is running with a broken rib.  Man of Steel!  Well, not exactly since he broke a rib but at least in spirit!

And I took a dip in the onset tub after the run.  So awesome.  While my SoCal water conserving soul will return in SD, for now I’ll revel in living in place with no water shortage, inside or out (see my view?).

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