August 2014 U.S. Trip- New Orleans and San Diego

Gliderport during interview lunch break.  Oh San Diego, how I miss you!

So, I was keeping the US trip on the down-low because I didn’t want the wrong people at work to find out and threaten its cancellation.  See, there was a huge inspection scheduled for the later half of the vacation I had planned, although my dates were picked before the inspection dates were announced.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always matter so I was trying to be circumspect in the fact that I was missing it.  
The first half of the trip was for fellowship interviews.  SMS and I travelled from Narita to New Orleans, a very common itinerary (ha, ha).  We arrived mid-evening on Tuesday.  I thought were going to meet up with Chris, my former residency running mate.  He and I were emailing each other and had decided to meet Tuesday night the 12th for dinner.  Unfortunately, I had an email when I arrived in which Chris had figured out that I was in New Orleans for Tuesday, August 12 while he was talking about Tuesday, September 12th. Whah.  Oh well, he and I will see each other at the ENT meeting in Orlando later in September.  
Since our initial dinner plans fell through, SMS took a short nap while I went to the mall to buy a slightly more polished Oxford shirt and shoes than the ones I had brought.  I got a great pair of heels from Ann Taylor for $30.  Yay!  I felt much more confident about my interview suit with the new additions so that was a plus!
I went back to the room and woke SMS up- it was time for PoBoys!  We took the streetcar down St Charles St, then walked to Magazine St for PoBoys from Mahoneys.  I had the grilled shrimp, fried green tomatoes and remoulade while SMS had the fried jumbo shrimp.  Both were delicious and we checked off the box for SMS to have a PoBoy in New Orleans.  We took the bus back and walked down Bourbon St, where we both felt old and anti-throw up street smell.  
The next day, I had my interview which went well.  We toured several hospital facilities which was both cool and slightly regrettable by the end due to the new shoe situation.  But at least I looked good!  I am only slightly kidding.  SMS went to the WWII museum and the Art Museum before taking a cab up to Baton Rouge to meet me at the airport.  We kept our stay in New Orleans brief in order to maximize our San Diego time.  We arrived late Wednesday night and stayed at SMS’s parents’ house.  It was great to see Linda and Rip.  The next day we slept in, went for a run, swam in the pool, hung out with Stacy and had an amazing grilled halibut dinner.  It was a perfect San Diego day.  I also stopped by Balboa for a bit and spoke with some of my former staff.  Everyone was doing well and it was great to catch up.
The next day, I had my interview while SMS caught up with a friend for lunch.  We met up after the interview and the four of us went to Banker’s Hill for dinner.  It was so awesome!  We shared the deviled eggs.  I had the apricot/marinated cherry bruschetta and grilled peach, ricotta and greens salad.  It was delicious.  I love that restaurant and was so happy to have such a nice San Diego interlude. 

After dinner, we said our goodbyes at the airport as we were off to the second half of our vacation now that we the interviews were over.  Oregon bound!

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