Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was a lot of fun. SMS and I went to two places that I’ve wanted to check out- Monkey Island and Enoshima. I was on call but apart from a busy Friday night/Saturday morning, things were quiet and we made the most of it!

Monkey Island is about 1/2 mile off the coast in Yokosuka, within Tokyo Bay.  We met up with friends and took the ferry out (Y1300/person). We hiked around the island. “Hike” might be slightly strong since the island is small and most of the trails are wooden decks. But it was nice to explore and we were ready for lunch by the time we got back to the small, but crowded, beach area. SMS and I bought food there- I had curry bread and shave ice. Lunch of champions!  SMS had the curry and rice, which was pretty standard brown curry. Our friends bought their food and an impressive beach picnic set-up, complete with a tent.  Next time, we’ll bring our picnic game, complete with camping chairs!

On Monday, we took our friend’s advice and went to Bill’s near Enoshima. It is an awesome brunch place with crazy lines on the weekend. The tip we received was to go on an American holiday. It worked!  There was no wait!

I got awesome corn fritters with avocado salsa. It’s not what I’d usually order since I’m an Eggs Benedict or Ricotta Pancakes type, but it sounded good and was delicious!  SMS got a dish that was basically Eggs Benedict without an English muffin- poached eggs, gravlax, greens. It was also tasty. We were very happy we went. 

Since we were so close, we decided to check out Enoshima. We walked along the Main Street with its shops and restaurants. We walked up the stairs to the temple complex that contains 3 temples within it. It started to rain heavily so we skipped the caves but it would be worth it to go back. We were also given an umbrella by a Japanese man, which was very kind of him. We had left ours in the car. Always thinking!

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