Yokohama and Kayaking Tokyo Bay

This weekend was characterized by not traveling!  Hooray!  I am a little tired of being jet lagged and it was great to hang out locally. On Saturday, SMS and I went up to Yokohama with a large group of friends to go to the International Breakfast Festival.  What an awesome idea for a festival, right?  Well, unfortunately, a lot of other people thought so too because the lines were crazy!  Not only were the lines for the food trucks long, but the line for the tickets to trade in for the food was also insane.  Since some of the food trucks were already selling out of the best looking options, we decided to go elsewhere.

Yokohama, Cosmo World

We walked by the Yokohama Convention Center.  Something was going on and there were a few great outfits/costumes but I only took mental snapshots.  We decided to go to World Porters for breakfast. Initially, I thought Hawaiian Town would be a good choice but one of the cafes was closed so we headed to a pancake and waffle shop, which was perfect.  Lots of seating and our food didn’t take too long to arrive.

After brunch, we walked through the Red Brick Warehouse.  Then we went to Yodobashi Camera for SMS before heading home.  That night, we decided to see Lucy, which was entertaining.  I love how inexpensive the movies are here- $2/each for an almost brand new movie!  I should clarify and say that the movies are cheap on base, since out in town they are expensive and confusing since you pick your seat and there’s tiered pricing even though the movie theaters are small and there really isn’t that big a difference in locations.

Ricotta pancakes, yum!

Sunday, I made ricotta pancakes based on bills recipe.  They were great.  I like them a lot better than the Farmhouse Cafe recipe since it results in a fluffier pancake.  I highly recommend!  Then, we went kayaking to Monkey Island and back.  We had fun and I’m glad we did it although I don’t think I’ll become a professional paddle sportsperson.  I get sort of bored after about 45 minutes, which is tough since I can’t exactly get up and leave.  *Splash*

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