My Dogs Are Barking!

A robot walking down the hall in 3331 Chiyoda Arts because, of course!

I’ve always thought, “My dogs are barking” to be a really weird expression. I guess it’s Southern and it means your feet hurt. Well, my feet are really sore after a day of walking around Tokyo with my Sweetie!

Akihabra Electric Town

We went to Akihabra to see Akihabra Electric Town. The main street was closed to vehicular traffic so we walked down the road and headed to Ueno. 

In 3331 Chiyoda Arts

We had an interim stop though. We went to 3331 Chiyoda Arts, a mixed use building in a former junior high. The building had a few shops, gallery spaces, workshops and a Lomography photo store where SMS dropped off a film roll he shot last week. We paid the entrance fee for the modern artist exhibit. My favorite was the installation with several instruments, a wind chime and two feather dusters connected to a main circuit run by a huge cylinder dictating the action similar to the tune played in an old-fashioned music box. We also hung out in the little park outside which was quite enjoyable since it was a gorgeous day!

My favorite installation, made even better by +SMS

We walked around the park and saw the outside of the Tokyo National Museum and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I want to go back to since there’s an upcoming visiting exhibit from the Uffizi Gallery. 

SMS is blending in!

Next, we went back to Akihabra and took the train to Tokyo station. We walked around some more and got photo ideas for SMS before heading to Ramen Alley for dinner. We went to a new place (#3 of the 9 listed). It wasn’t bad but we liked the one we went to last time better (Honda). 

The rest of the weekend was fun too. On Friday night, the wardroom/spouses’ club had a joint fundraiser rug auction. I was overdressed but didn’t care 🙂 while SMS acted as the official photographer. I think that was his plan so we didn’t buy a rug since we try to make it a rule to discuss potential purchase items when they’re more than $250. And these rugs were a lot more than $250!
Saturday was a mellow brunch day at our friend’s house in Ikego. Adam made stellar creeps, channeling his previous professional crepe maker’s skills. 
It was a great weekend and SMS and I had so much fun. We also have lots of potential trips planned so this blog should stay interesting for awhile!

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