Linda & Rip Take on Japan! Day 8: Sayonara :(

My shot of SMS in the Park last December
The day started off with delicious Italian coffee (several steps up from FamilyMart!), pastries from Boulangerie Burdigala and breakfast in my favorite Tokyo Park, Arisugawa.  SMS has taken some beautiful photos here.  It’s so tranquil and beautiful.
Outside the Meiji Shrine Torii gate. (SMS)
After breakfast, we parted ways.  Linda stayed behind to have a relaxing morning while Rip, SMS and I took a tour of all the closed parks in the city.  First, we went to the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, which are closed Monday and Friday.  Great.  Then we went to Yoyogi Park.  That too is closed since it was the epicenter of the first domestic outbreak of Dengue Fever in over 40 years.  All of the mosquitos have been fumigated to kingdom-come at this point but still, the park is closed.  Strangely, the park and shrine next to it are open even though I think the mosquitos probably cross the area pretty freely.  But that’s where we went!  We walked through the forest to Meiji Shrine in order to squeeze in one last shrine on the trip.  I wouldn’t want Rip to feel like he had missed out!  On the way in and out, we saw many old cars lining up for a road race/parade(?).  It was a little hard to tell but it was incredible how old some of the cars were!
Then, we walked around Harajuku before we headed back to the hotel to get lunch, grab our bags and head to Haneda.  Haneda was on our way home so SMS and I took Rip and Linda there.  Also, if anything happened, they didn’t have cell phones so we felt better seeing them off.
After they left, SMS and I headed home.  *sniff*

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