Yokosuka Amazing Race!!

I typed and typed and my fingers fell off!  Just kidding!  But those recaps were pretty long!  I love looking back on the travelogues though so it’s totally worth it.

Our team Monster Mash!  Ok, not the best name but it was close to Halloween!

So, the day after Rip and Linda left, SMS and I joined our two friends Liz and Carl to participate in the Yokosuka Amazing Race as the winningest team that ever won.  It started at 9 and we raced around base until 1:15 until the final challenge in which we took part!  Yes!  There were 16 teams divided into two divisions and we won our division.  There were several challenges throughout base and we ran back and forth across base like a bunch of idiots winners.  I thought it would be cheesy but it was actually so much fun and I really liked our team.  We also trash-talked with our friends’ team so that was also fun.  They were very grumpy that they were l-o-s-e-r-s!  (As you can see, I’m a really good winner).

So, the final challenge was dressing in a sumo suit, spinning around, doing jumping jacks, tossing a beanbag into a trash can, doing the Macarena and running back to the starting point.  Did you follow that?  No matter, we barely did either but we did really well.  Carl was the anchor man and had to do one more challenge which was to shake pingpong balls out of a box tied to his sumo suit.  There was one ball that was very stubborn but was finally freed. We ran to the winners circle where we were pronounced, “WINNERS!!!!”


We won a LOT of prizes, which was unexpected and pretty awesome.  One prize we’re really looking forward to redeeming is the tickets to the Japan-New Zealand rugby game.  I think the seats are REALLY good based on the numbers next to the kanji I can’t read but I will keep you posted!

This post was brought to you by the word winner.

Also, here’s a link to an AFN video about the race.  Someone you know may be interviewed!!!

Not me, but I like her regal air!  Photo by the talented SMS!

After the Amazing Race, SMS and I followed up with a busy Sunday.  No rest for the weary!  First, we went to a surprise birthday party for our friend Don.  It was fun to hang out with a big group of friends and eat cake!  We had to leave on the early side because SMS had a photo shoot.  I was his assistant and held the reflector.  I had a fun time seeing him in action and some of his shots were absolutely gorgeous.  Afterwards, we headed over to Ikego for Jenn’s (not-surprise) birthday dinner.  It was an Italian feast at the Hazletts’ and we were well-fed and in good company.  It was a really nice weekend- a little busier than I would have intended after a week of traveling Japan but it was…amazing!

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